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in the AirCheck Texas Program

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What is Drive a Clean Machine?

To help clean up the air quality in the Houston-Galveston area, the Houston-Galveston Area Council through their AirCheck program provides financial assistance for eligible residents to replace or repair their vehicles. The names "Drive a Clean Machine" and "AirCheck Texas Repair and Replacement" mean the same program.


Who is eligible for assistance?
Residents of Brazoria, Galveston, Harris and Montgomery counties whose vehicles fail the state emissions test or their vehicle is at least 10 calendar years old or older (2005 or older) can qualify for assistance if:

·     The vehicle is currently registered and has been registered in one of the four participating counties for 12 out of the last 15 months preceding the application for participation in the program.

·     The vehicle must be gasoline-powered;

·     The vehicle has passed it's state safety and emissions inspection within 15 months of the application date;

·     The family's income meets program guidelines.

Income Guidelines

The income guidelines are on a sliding scale, depending on the family's size. For Example: For a family of four, an annual household income of $71,550 or less qualifies you.

  • You may automatically be eligible for assistance if you already receive financial assistance from federal, state, or county social services, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Medicaid, Food Stamps, or other public programs.

Income Qualifications GuidelineAGI
(Adjusted Gross Income from your most current Federal Return)

# Person in Household

AirCheck Texas Income Guideline

















Over 8

add $12,180 for
each additional person


What do I send to determine elegibility?

You must submit:

  • Completed and signed application (you can download below), and
  • Income documents of all adults in the household (unemployeed statement for those not currently employed).

You’re welcome to email us at and we'll send an application to you. Feel free to call Ashley Williams 281-374-5172 if you have any questions and she will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

                                                                Air-Check Texas Program

                                                                     P.O. Box 22777

                                                               Houston, TX 77027-2777

                                                                   Fax: 832-681-2531

What proof of income is acceptable?

Submit copies with your application 

  • Paystubs for the last three months with a year-to-date (YTD) amount -or-
  • Most recent federal income tax return (Form 1040, pages 1 and 2) -or-
  • Unemployment benefits letter -or-
  • Document verifying Federal or State Assistance (Food Stamps, SSI, TANF, etc)

How does the program work?
After the Houston - Galveston Area Council determines that you are eligible, they will send you a voucher by mail that you can use to replace your vehicle.

·  They will contribute $3,000 towards a Car, SUV or Mini Van that is model year 2012 or newer with a purchase price not exceeding $35,000 after rebate and before tax, title & license. With an odometer no more than 70,000 miles.

·  They will contribute $3,000 towards a Truck that is 2013 or newer with a purchase price not exceeding $35,000 after rebate and before tax, title & license. With an odometer no more than 70,000 miles.

·  They will contribute $3,500 towards a Hybrid, Electric and Natural Gas vehicle that is 2012 or newer with a purchase price not exceeding $45,000 after rebate and before tax, title & license. With an odometer no more than 70,000 miles.

o    Bring your voucher to Fred Haas Toyota Country and use it here. You are responsible for the balance of the cost above their contribution.

o    You must leave your current vehicle—including the title—with us once you purchase. It will be dismantled.

o    Please note that for us to replace the vehicle you drive, you must own it. That means the title is in your name.

Which cars or trucks can I buy?

AirCheck will send you a list of what vehicles you are able purchase with your voucher when they mail your voucher to you. You can also check now by clicking 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015 for the respective lists.


How do I apply?
You must fill out a paper application to request assistance and fax or email it along with your proof of income (described above) to the Houston - Galveston Area Counsil. If your vehicle has failed the emissions test with in 30 days of your application and is not 10 years old or older, you can also download an application . You’re welcome to email us at and we'll send an application to you.

Downloadable Applications (PDF format)




For more information, or to request an application by mail, email us at or call us at 281-374-5172.



Call Ashley Williams at 281-374-5172 for details.


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